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my Travel Assistant

Featured by Apple in App Store Essentials - Plan Your Vacation!


Multi Currency Expense Tracker, Currency Converter, Translator, and More!


Visiting France? Business trip to Israel? Admiring peach trees in blossom in Japan?
my Travel Assistant keeps all your expenses during international travel well documented, clear, and instantly comprehensible no matter what foreign currencies have been used.

Designed as an intelligent assistant for international travelers, the app integrates into a single, convenient package various tools that will help you stay within your trip budget.

Visit the app's website for more details, support and further, product related information.

Main UI Trip with budget See expense trends - then and now My Travel Assistant runs natively on the iPad Exports all your travel expneses as a nicely formatted PDF
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Shrink your Debt - Loan Calculator


Get out of debt as fast as you can!

Shrink your Debt - Loan Calculator shows you how long it will take you to pay off your:
- credit card
- hire purchase
- car loan
- other loan debt
...and so much more!

This intelligent and easy-to-use calculator shows the total amount of interest you will pay, and your age by when you pay your debt.

Want more?
The app has a very useful feature, which shows you what happens if you pay a little bit more. Pay just a few more bucks and you may save hundreds of thousands of dollars!

For latest news check out the app's Facebook page.

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Keep an eye on your finances

Coming by October 2014.

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Diamond Match Mania


A beautiful, addictive diamond matching board game.

Coming in August 2014.

Visit the game's website for more details, support and further, product related information.

Simple to play, yet addictive! 5x5 grid mode 4x4 grid mode 3x3 grid mode - the hardest! Share your high score!


Budapest, Hungary